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The translator/photographer/writer

Hi, my name is Marcel Falter and I have been the proud owner of Kattenoog Producties since November 2011. After I had worked for various businesses (as customer service manager, trainer and translator), I thought it would be a good idea to start my own business.

I started my journey towards the owner of a company at the Lerarenopleiding ZWN (Training College for Teachers) and got my degree in English and German after 4 years. Unfortunately, the job situation was quite bad when I graduated so it wasn’t a difficult choice when I got a chance to work for Swets Subscription Service, an international company where I could use my mind for languages. In the end I decided to make better use of my talent for languages and followed a 3 year translator course at the ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen (college for Interpreters and Translators).

Thanks to my career switch I have become an experienced translator. The past few years I spent translating various kinds of documents: from relatively easy website translations to manuals for specialists, from newsletters to marketing texts, from tourist brochures to video games and books. On the page (link) you will find more details about my translation services.

Another career path took me to a completely different destination: a nature and animal photographer. Like so many others I started out with a small camera to capture everything I saw. I was caught by the virus and photography has become a real passion. Under (link) you will find more stories about my career as a photographer.

Last but not least, I write. Most of my work consists of short (blog) articles about language, travelling or nature or some background stories to a picture. You can find those articles under (link)

The Board of Directors

Judging from the name of my company, it should be quite clear that I'm pretty crazy about cats. My wife and I have had cats ever since we started living together and that won't change any time soon. Our current 'gentlemen' share the job of CEO and they perform their work dressed in a gray three-piece suit and a white suit with black polka dots.

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